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Krampus is Coming!

Krampus is Coming!

Miss Havisham's Curiosities
at The Krampus Ball


Have you been well behaved this year?
Neither have we, darling.

Come join us for the Los Angeles Krampus Ball
Friday Dec. 2 from 8pm until midnight.

We will be debuting our new line of Krampus teacups and dessert plates. We'll also tell your future if you ask us.

Doors open at 7:30 and advance tickets are highly recommended. 

Highland Park Ebell Club
131 S. Ave 57 (near Figueroa)

Here's a preview of what you'll find at our booth:  

Our infamous insult teacups? A staple, darling.
Krampus teaware? Yes, but not for the children.
Weird Russian candy? We don't travel without it.
Insect dioramas?  A whole new batch.
Devices to predict your future? We can't discuss.

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Miss Havisham's January Appointments