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Photo by Max Gough

Freaky Fridays

Freaky Fridays

Welcome to Freaky Fridays where I post links to the odd and the fantastic. Thank you to my friends, especially Sally and Bronwen, who send me pure gold. Have a weird news story? Send it to dearmisshavisham@gmail.com Victorian Cat Funerals? Yes please. Check out Mimi Matthews' site.


Wanna buy George Washington's hair?  A mourning ring with a lock of his hair is for sale at Sotheby's. Just think, we could clone him!


Premature burial, oh it happened and The Paris Review wants you to think about it.

C. H. Eseinbrandt coffin

Dreamy collection of vintage photos that make you say, hmmmm on Black and WTF. I love this one:


Frozen Charlotte dolls, a cautionary tale for winter from the brilliant Dangerous Minds site.


Happy Friday!

Wide World of Wallpaper

Wide World of Wallpaper

Golden Boys and Silver Spoons: Flea Finds

Golden Boys and Silver Spoons: Flea Finds